University of Tsukuba Pre-Strategic Initiatives Empirical Social Science Research Center
for Policy Solutions to Disparities and Inequalities


10th DDPI Seminar “Intra-generational and inter-generational equality regarding the environment”

The DDPI project will continue to hold a seminar series intermittently in FY2022, focusing on policy solutions to disparities and inequalities and the potential of digital technology (digital democracy) for such solutions.

For the 10th seminar, we welcomed Dr. Satoko Aoki, Associate Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University, who specializes in environmental sociology, to discuss various disparities surrounding the environment, and to present intra- and inter-generational disparities based on various examples from Japan and around the world. Based on a detailed report on the case of the opposition movement against the Ashihama Nuclear Power Plant in Mie Prefecture, the participants discussed the complex issue from various angles to find clues to solving the problem.

The video of the lecture is no longer available.