University of Tsukuba Pre-Strategic Initiatives Empirical Social Science Research Center
for Policy Solutions to Disparities and Inequalities


6th ICR/DDPI Joint Seminar “Kurds in Japan and Local Communities: Three Challenges Seen from Support Activities

The Project has been holding a series of seminars intermittently on topics such as policy solutions to disparity and inequality, and the potential of digital technology (digital democracy) for such solutions.

The sixth seminar was presented by Ms. Naomi Katayama, a part-time lecturer at J. F. Oberlin University and a doctoral student at the university. Ms. Katayama is also a translator and has long been involved in work related to “language” and its keys. She has expanded her research interests from “language” to include Japanese language education for foreign residents in Japan, various issues in the society of foreign residents in Japan, and especially communication between them and Japanese, and is currently working on her doctoral research. He is currently working on his doctoral research. He presented several issues surrounding disparities and inequalities in Japanese society from the viewpoint of multicultural conviviality and social inclusion of foreign residents in Japan.

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