University of Tsukuba Pre-Strategic Initiatives Empirical Social Science Research Center
for Policy Solutions to Disparities and Inequalities


8th ICR/DDPI Joint Seminar “Whose Equality? : experiences from stateless studies and post-anthropocene studies.”

The University of Tsukuba’s Pre-Strategic Initiative “Center for Empirical Social Science Research Toward Policy Solutions for Disparities and Inequalities,” which was adopted by the University of Tsukuba in 2021, has been continuously working on various themes such as digital technology, gender, educational disparities, and generational disparities in order to find policy solutions for disparities and inequalities. Seminars are held in the following locations.

The 8th seminar was presented by Mr. Hajime Akiyama, Assistant Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University. A video of the lecture is available for your viewing.

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