University of Tsukuba Pre-Strategic Initiatives Empirical Social Science Research Center
for Policy Solutions to Disparities and Inequalities


[10/1 13:00-]Symposium “Digital Democracy and Open Data” to Commemorate 151st Year of the University of Tsukuba and 50th Anniversary of its Founding

The University of Tsukuba will hold a commemorative ceremony and events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding 151 years ago.

The DDPI project plans to hold a commemorative symposium on the theme of “Digital Democracy and Open Data. Three researchers from Japan and abroad will be invited to speak at the symposium.

All interested parties are welcome to attend. For details, please visit the 50th anniversary website.

No advance registration is required, but we would appreciate it if you could provide your name, affiliation, and address (optional) using the form below if you wish to attend the symposium so that we can keep track of the number of attendees.